7 things we learned (and confirmed) when teaching Australia’s first Content Design London workshop

Lorien Kaye

For us content people, one of the most useful (and discipline-defining) books of the last few years has been Content Design by Sarah Richards. Until late 2019, though, any Australian wanting Content Design London training would have to fly to the UK (as I did). But no more! Sarah has asked Weave to deliver her content design course in Australia.

Meet the trainers for CDL's content design workshops in Australia

Lorien Kaye

We’re thrilled that Content Design London has chosen Weave to deliver content design workshops in Australia. We’ve been applying a strategic approach to content for over a decade and when we read Sarah Richards’ book ‘Content Design’, we realised we’d found a missing piece of the great content puzzle.

Content design has changed Weave’s thinking and our process for creating content. It's given us tools to achieve things we've struggled with over the years. It's made us think differently about problem-solving. And it's made us more courageous in our advice.