User research for content designers

Learn practical user research skills for more effective content

Knowing how to do user research is essential for content designers and strategists. It’s one of the tools that make today’s content professionals more than just writers. But starting out with research can be daunting. What type of research is best for your content? How do you do it? And what’s the best way to actually use your research insights for content design?

This course is an engaging mix of expert instruction and practical exercises, delivered live online by leading content strategists and designers.

Learning outcomes

After taking the course, you will be able to:

  • plan a content-focused user research program that defines what you want to find out and why
  • make the case for involving content in research 
  • identify and fill gaps in existing user research
  • interview people to understand how they talk, think and behave 
  • use your research to create content that meets genuine user needs
  • present your research to get stakeholder buy-in for your content design program.

Who is this for?

  • Content designers
  • Content strategists
  • Communications professionals
  • Anyone who writes content and wants to make sure they’re meeting user needs.
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Sessions run from 9:30 am to 4 pm including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Participants must attend both days in full.

  • Day 1: Introduction to user research processes and practical skills including interviewing users.
  • Day 2: Creating a user needs database, synthesising and presenting findings, testing content.

What's included

  • course notes
  • tools and resources to help you do user research at work.

What you'll need

  • laptop or desktop computer with a camera (or a separate webcam)
  • a space where you can listen, talk and work undisturbed.

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Trainers for this course

headshot of McGee Noble

McGee Noble has worked as the senior manager for content for ANZ bank and as a consultant has helped dozens of clients from different industries to understand their users and create connections between research and content.

Headshot of Angus Gordon

Angus Gordon has helped organisations use research and testing to improve their content for more than 12 years. He loves the fact that users continue to surprise him in ways that seem obvious in hindsight.