User research

You might think you know your audience. But do you really understand how they use your website? What are the little things that frustrate them? What are the simple things that could make their experience better?

Weave Web are experts at getting useful information from people who use websites. We don't just ask a set of standard questions. Instead, we delve deeply into where, when and how they use the web, and what an online organisation or business could do to turn them into slavishly loyal fans.

We can conduct user research over the phone or in person, in Melbourne or throughout Australia. We can also analyse your site analytics and search logs to find out where people have been on your site, and what they are looking for (but not finding). For a surprisingly small investment, you can learn everything you always wanted to know about your audience - but didn't know how to ask.

User research helps us discover:

  • Context
  • Habits
  • Goals
  • Frustrations
  • Pleasures
  • Points of friction
  • Great ideas