User research

Content is pointless if it’s not meeting real needs for real people.

Our user research uncovers your users’ needs – including needs they can’t put into words. It gives you priceless insights into how your users talk and think, and how your product, service or subject area fits into their lives.

By putting users at the centre of everything, we can stop internal content disputes in their tracks and help stakeholders agree on a common goal.

For the deep research you need to design effective user-centred content, talk to us.

How we do research


To understand users, nothing beats talking to them, by phone or in person. Our interviewers don’t just know the right questions to ask, they’re expert listeners who go beyond superficial likes and dislikes to uncover real insights.

Data analysis

We validate insights from user interviews by looking deep into data from analytics, surveys and whatever else is available. We dig below surface metrics to discover what the data is really telling us about user intent, behaviour and outcomes.

Usability testing

User research doesn’t end at the discovery phase. Throughout a project, whatever we design is tested with real people. We test, iterate and test again. We can test anything from a simple sitemap to a working website.

How we use research insights

User archetypes

Archetypes bundle up a set of goals, attitudes and behaviours that research has shown to be consistent among a group of users, making it easier to design targeted content.

User journeys

User journeys put your content in context. They shed light on how specific needs fit into wider goals and how offline and online services can work together seamlessly.

Top tasks

Top tasks are what most of your users come to your website for, most of the time. When you know your users’ top tasks, you make smarter decisions about which content to prioritise.

User research and our process

Some clients engage Weave to do user research as an initial or one-off piece of work.

But user research is also fundamental to our content strategy and content design services – so much so, we won’t take on a project without a user research component.

Get to know your users: talk to us.