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Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Victoria

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State of the Environment digital report

We're helping Victoria's Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability reach new digital audiences with the upcoming State of the Environment report.

UX and content strategy for a major research organisation

Weave is working with a large Australian Government research agency to make their huge library of content more useful, findable and manageable.

Customer-centred ombudsman website

Building on our work with the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria, we're helping another ombudsman get customer issues and complaints resolved more efficiently.

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So why content design? Let’s go back to the beginning. It’s a story that starts as long ago as 1999. I headed into the web space with a new copy of ‘Information Architecture for the WWW’ under my arm, and started work on some IA projects with a bit of lean user research added. Over the next few years I came to realise that, without content, IA was simply empty boxes and arrows (a favourite IA website at the time). In an attempt to redress this I found myself writing a lot of different types of content but always in a rushed and ad hoc way.
Many lists of required reading for content strategists have been posted over the years (thank you). Those of us who’ve been practising content strategy for a long time have voraciously consumed these books and quickly incorporated what we’ve learnt into our processes. But there’s so much more to read to keep up with best practice in our discipline or just to get timely tips for making our jobs easier and our clients’ outcomes better.
See the slides from Angus's talk at DrupalGov Canberra 2016.


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