Content design

Weave’s content designers are experts in user-centred content. We can work with you to plan and execute a content transformation project, or develop your team's skills through our content design courses.

The way organisations create web content is broken. Content design is the fix.

Why is it broken? Because the web has inherited processes from print and advertising that just don’t work in the digital world. Web users aren’t passive audiences for what organisations want to say, and they’re not going to your website for fun. They’re actively trying to solve a problem, complete a task or answer a question.

Content that succeeds in the modern web is content that meets user needs without distraction, frustration or time-wasting. Content design means creating content that meets user needs in the best way possible. 

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How we work


We start by finding out what your users truly need so we can design content around those needs. We have a full range of user research expertise.

Collaborative planning

Once we know your users’ needs, we co-design the content with your stakeholders, subject matter experts and product owners. By bringing people into the process early, we get everyone on the same page, which means less time wasted on revisions later.

Content development

This is where the magic happens: our crack team of content designers takes our insights from discovery and our detailed plans from the co-design process, and turns them into clear content with a laser focus on users.

Content testing

The real test for meeting user needs is...users. So we put your content in front of people, measuring how well they understand it and whether they know what action to take. Yes, we test content with real people. Sounds radical, but it works.

Continuous improvement

Even when our work with you is finished, your content life cycle isn’t. We’ll set you up with tools and criteria for measuring content performance, so you can continue meeting your users’ needs over time, whatever changes in your world and theirs.

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