About Us

We are a web communications company with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. We've been working with the web for a long time, some of us from the beginning. Through this experience, we noticed how hard it is to find web companies that specialise in strategy and content – two of the most important elements of a successful and sustainable website. We created Weave Web Communications to fill this gap.

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The core team...

Susan Cowan

Director / Strategist

Susan helps clients identify the biggest, most lucractive online opportunities for their business. She's been a web strategist since before anyone had heard of web strategy, and she's worked with everyone from big corporations to tiny startup businesses.

Angus Gordon

Content strategist

Angus helps clients solve complex and large-scale content problems. He helps organisations produce and manage content that is logically structured, easily findable, consistent and appropriate in voice and tone, and above all useful for website visitors. Angus is an Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder.

Matt Commons

Designer / Front-end developer

Matt combines visual design and UX expertise with front-end development skills. He designs visually rich user experiences and brings them to life as responsive, standards-compliant Drupal websites.

Alana Birchall

Content writer and editor

Alana is an experienced web copy writer and editor. Her background is in senior public affairs and internal communications roles in large corporate environments, mostly in the resources sector. She has an excellent understanding of the needs of a corporate communications team.

Lorien Kaye

Content designer

Lorien specialises in making complex content and ideas clear and comprehensible to diverse audiences through content design and content writing. She's also skilled in in user research, research analysis, and usability testing. She has worked with a wide range of clients including government, not-for profit, and corporate organisations, and have worked on content strategy for intranets and client-facing websites.