About us

We are:

Angus Gordon

Director, content strategist

Angus has been helping Weave’s clients solve complex, large-scale content problems as a content strategist since 2009. He has particular expertise in content modelling and information architecture.

Lorien Kaye

Director, content designer

Lorien joined Weave in 2015 after a long career in writing and editing. She is skilled at seeking out patterns across pieces of content, re-designing them for consistency and to meet user needs.

McGee Noble

Director, content strategist

McGee is a specialist in content strategy who has worked with companies from ANZ to Xero to improve their digital presence. She advocates for data driven decision making based on analytics and research.

We're a specialist Australian content strategy and content design consultancy.

Our directors are based in Melbourne and Perth, and we have clients all over Australia.

We run regular training courses for content professionals.

We host a monthly online meetup, We are content strategy and design, featuring content experts from all over the world.