About us

The core team...

Susan Cowan

Director, content strategist

After a career in programming, interface design and tech writing, Susan knew by the early 2000s that content was key to usability. She became a content-focused information architect before founding Weave in 2009 as a business focused on content strategy.

Angus Gordon

Content strategist, Content Design London trainer

Angus has been helping Weave’s clients solve complex, large-scale content problems as a content strategist since 2009. He has particular expertise in content modelling and information architecture.

Matt Commons

Designer, front-end developer

Matt combines visual design and UX expertise with front-end development skills. He designs visually rich user experiences and brings them to life as responsive, standards-compliant websites.

Lorien Kaye

Content designer, Content Design London trainer

Lorien joined Weave in 2015 after a long career in writing and editing. She is skilled at seeking out patterns across pieces of content, re-designing them for consistency and to meet user needs.

McGee Noble

Content strategist

McGee is a specialist in content strategy who has worked with companies from ANZ to Xero to improve their digital presence. She advocates for data driven decision making based on analytics and research.