Meet the trainers for CDL's content design workshops in Australia

We’re thrilled that Content Design London has chosen Weave to deliver content design workshops in Australia. We’ve been applying a strategic approach to content for over a decade and when we read Sarah Richards’ book ‘Content Design’, we realised we’d found a missing piece of the great content puzzle.

Content design has changed Weave’s thinking and our process for creating content. It's given us tools to achieve things we've struggled with over the years. It's made us think differently about problem-solving. And it's made us more courageous in our advice. 

Angus Gordon is one of Weave’s content design trainers.

Headshot of Angus Gordon

After starting in the web industry as a digital copywriter, Angus got tired of being asked to create content to fill boxes in a design, with no regard to real user needs. Joining Weave in 2009, Angus developed our content strategy practice. He now uses the full content strategy and content design toolkit to help organisations produce and manage well-structured, findable, usable content based on proven user needs.

Lorien Kaye is one of Weave’s content design trainers.

Headshot of Lorien Kaye

Lorien has a long history in writing and editing, working mostly in the book industry. Turning to digital content, she joined Weave as a writer in 2015 and discovered she was a natural at structured, designed content. When Lorien completed the Content Design workshop in the UK she found a wealth of practical techniques to apply to real-life content problems. Lorien is now one of our lead content designers.

McGee Noble is one of Weave’s content design trainers.

Headshot of McGee NobleMcGee is an experienced content strategist and designer. Before moving to Weave in 2019 she was the senior manager for content at ANZ. She has worked with many brands and government organisations to help them make content that meets user needs and business needs. She loves teaching the Content Design London courses, and helping content people build their skills.

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