Your UX problem is (probably) actually a content problem

Chantelle Perera

We do a lot of talking to people about what’s wrong with their website. 

They tell us:

‘It’s not engaging’
‘It’s not interactive’
‘People constantly call us to ask about stuff that’s already on the website’. 

That last one is usually yelled with the desperation of someone who has explained 347 times that yes, the opening hours on the homepage – you just need to scroll down.

They say their website is ugly, clunky and dated. They’re frustrated by the lack of videos or beautiful, high resolution photos. They say the site ‘needs some UX’.

So much to learn, so little time.

Susan Cowan

Many lists of required reading for content strategists have been posted over the years (thank you). Those of us who’ve been practising content strategy for a long time have voraciously consumed these books and quickly incorporated what we’ve learnt into our processes.

But there’s so much more to read to keep up with best practice in our discipline or just to get timely tips for making our jobs easier and our clients’ outcomes better.