Web copywriting

Serious about your web content? Then you've probably thought about hiring a copywriter - a professional who can write polished content, tailored to your audience and free of embarrassing grammatical errors. But it takes special skills to write for the web. How do you know your copywriter really has those skills?

Weave Web is one of the few Australian web agencies to have copywriters in-house. Our copywriters are web writers first and foremost: they know how to write content that doesn't just convey a message, but helps users navigate and accomplish tasks, and improves your search engine rankings. And because copywriters are part of our strategic process from the beginning, they know your organisation inside out.

If you'd rather write your own content, we can edit and "webify" what you've written. Our clients often choose a combination of both - copywriting for the home page and other "flagship" content, and editing for internal pages.

We're based in Melbourne and offer copywriting services throughout Australia.

Web copywriting includes:

  • Persuasive writing
  • Interface copy
  • Articles and educational content
  • SEO copywriting
  • Copy editing and "webification"

See also: Content strategy

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