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Weave’s training courses teach the best ways of planning, creating and managing user-centred digital content. If you’re a content designer, content strategist, or content-curious digital professional, we have a course for you.

We offer regular public courses that anyone can join, or we can tailor a course to deliver in-house.

If you work for the Australian Government, our courses will give you skills you need to progress your career. They’re built around key content areas in the Learning Design Standards for content design, content strategy and user research.

Current courses

User research for content professionals (online, 2 days)
Book now for 21 to 22 July

User research is an essential skill for content designers and strategists. It’s one of the tools that make today’s content professionals more than just writers. But starting out with research can be daunting. What type of research is best for your content? How do you do it? And what’s the best way to actually use all your research insights?

After doing this course, you’ll be skilled in a range of user research techniques, and you’ll know how to use research to deliver better content for your users. You’ll also know how to bring a much-needed content focus to research that others are doing or have already done.

We're currently taking bookings for 21 to 22 July

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Content design (online, 2 days)
Book now for 4 to 5 August

This course is for people who have some experience writing for the web but would like a complete grounding in producing user-centred, evidence-based content. 

Over an intense but enjoyable 2 days, you’ll benefit from experienced trainers with real-world knowledge. You’ll work together on practical exercises with tangible results, leaving with a real piece of content that you can use.

Weave are the official Australian trainers for this Content Design London course developed by Sarah Richards, the inventor of content design.

Highly recommend for all content peeps. Even if you know some of it, you don’t know it like this.
– Claire Mahoney, Lacuna Information Design

This course is now being offered in an online format. We're currently taking bookings for 4 to 5 August.

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Courses coming soon

  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Analytics
  • Content modelling

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