Ongoing consultancy

Types of support we offer

We offer three types of ongoing support -

  1. A large block of hours (determined by the client's needs) paid monthly for 12 months
  2. ad hoc support paid by the hour
  3. 6 or 12 hour blocks of hours

Our 12-month packages include a detailed quarterly review of your site’s performance for the first year after launch. We’ll spend time looking at your traffic data and listening to feedback from both inside and outside your organisation, and we’ll make straightforward, practical recommendations.

You’ll have a large block of hours of our time, which you can use whenever, and however, you like over the year. You can use this time for:

  • visual design including banner images and templates for new pages or email newsletter
  • creation of landing pages for short-term or seasonal campaigns
  • photo editing to make images look great on your site
  • customised style sheets to improve the usability of your site on specific platforms (e.g. mobile phones)
  • implementation of simple technical functionality (e.g. forms, polls, maps)
  • advice and training on writing effective web content
  • advice on effective keyword placement
  • copywriting for the website, email newsletters, or additional marketing materials
  • training of new staff in using the content management system, or advanced training and support for existing staff
  • strategic advice on implementing new or revised objectives
  • advice on using social media effectively
  • usability testing
  • reviews of analytics data (in between quarterly reviews)

Please note that if there's an issue with your website that's clearly the result of something we've done, you won't be charged for the time we take to fix the issue. You'll be informed upfront about whether or not a support request is chargeable.

What we don't support

The only thing you can’t use support hours for is a major project like a second website or complex new functionality for your existing site. To plan for a project of this size, we’ll need to go through a more rigorous scoping and quoting process.

How to get support

Just call us (03) 8352 4477!