Web strategy


Web strategy: what is it?

For your website to work, we need to know who your customers are and what problems they have that you can solve. Once we know this, together we can plan a site with clear strategies for engaging those customers, giving them the best possible experience, and persuading them to take the action you want them to take. This is web strategy in a nutshell.

We don't design websites without a web strategy

Web strategy is a fundamental element of every Weave website. Unlike most web designers, we don't start designing until we know exactly what your website should do.

During one or more face-to-face or phone workshops, we:

  • develop a detailed profile of each of your target audiences (e.g. young mothers, time-poor professionals, busy fathers)
  • find out exactly why they need your product/service (their "pain point", what problem you can solve for them)
  • work out why your desired customer should choose you rather than someone else who sells a similar product or service
  • create "calls to action" that will persuade customers to do what you want them to (buy online, give you a call, visit your shop, etc.)
  • develop a starting list of keywords - search queries that will bring customers to you from Google and other search engines

What you get

Once we've completed the web strategy process, we'll hand over a site map plus a strategy plan outlining your main audience(s), your business's point of difference in the marketplace, and the keywords best suited to bringing customers to your site and converting browsers to buyers.

We don't start designing your website until we have your approval of this sitemap and strategy. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing your website will really speak to your customers and make your business more competitive.