Search engine optimisation

Everybody wants their site to rank well in Google. But what searches should you be ranking for? Who will actually spend money with you? And once they visit your site, are you converting them into buyers?

Weave Web's search engine optimisation (SEO) services go far beyond just plugging your site full of keywords and hoping for the best. Instead, we apply a genuine business brain to search. We do deep keyword research accompanied by hard thinking about which keywords represent the best opportunities. We also look at what your competition is and isn't doing - there are almost always opportunities going begging in your industry.

Once we've done the research, we move onto implementation. We build keywords into your web copy so that Google can find your site (while keeping everything human-friendly). We make recommendations about the best mix of organic search and AdWords. And we review your search data on a regular basis to see what's working, what's changed, and how you can keep improving.

We offer search engine optimisation services in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Search engine optimisation includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • SEO copywriting
  • Landing pages
  • SEO / social media integration
  • AdWords campaigns
  • Analytics reviews