Content modelling in Drupal: Entity fever

Angus Gordon

When you first experiment with Drupal, it's easy to get excited about the flexibility of the entity system. But there are traps for young players. In particular, if you're planning to use "secondary" entity types like taxonomy terms or users to store complex content, it's important to know what you're giving up.

Our talk at DrupalCon Sydney

Angus Gordon

Angus and Rikki had a wonderful time at DrupalCon Sydney - meeting new people, learning about all the great things happening in Drupal, and sunning ourselves by the beach in Coogee!

Our talk "Content strategists and developers: We need each other!" was very well received. It even gets a shoutout from Drupal luminary Jeff Eaton is his podcast summarising the conference (listen to the whole thing, but we come in around the 27:45 mark).