Our talk at DrupalCon Sydney

Angus and Rikki had a wonderful time at DrupalCon Sydney - meeting new people, learning about all the great things happening in Drupal, and sunning ourselves by the beach in Coogee!

Our talk "Content strategists and developers: We need each other!" was very well received. It even gets a shoutout from Drupal luminary Jeff Eaton is his podcast summarising the conference (listen to the whole thing, but we come in around the 27:45 mark).

If you'd like to listen to the talk yourself, here are the slides and audio:


We also had the chance to listen to some other great talks at the conference. Here are some of our favourites:

You'll notice a common theme running through many of these talks: content. It's unusual for a conference based around a development platform to devote so much time and space to content. So kudos to DrupalCon for recognising the importance of good content to successful websites, and for featuring a track on Content Authoring as part of the conference. It makes us proud to be part of the worldwide Drupal community!

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