Social media advice

There are plenty of people out there selling advice on how to "leverage" social media. Most of it is snake oil. Weave Web's different - for a start, we promise not to use the word "leverage".

Instead, we offer down-to-earth, practical advice on using social media for specific goals - whether that's growing a community, giving your customers better service, getting your brand out there, or all of the above. Our advice takes into account your customers, your resources and your social media experience.

We'll give you some achievable guidelines about how to get started. Then, because the social media landscape changes so quickly, we'll review what you're doing every few months. We keep up to date with latest trends, so you don't have to.

We offer social media advice to clients in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Advice on:

  • What platform(s)
  • Getting started
  • Facebook pages
  • Website integration
  • Growing followers organically
  • SEO / social media integration
  • Automated posting
Social media advice